De Vette is a recognised SKL (Foundation for Quality Control of Agricultural Equipment) inspection station, and complies with the requirements for test equipment and inspectors. We periodically inspect plant protection equipment. In many cases, inspections can be combined with servicing. If the machine passes the inspection, you receive an inspection report, and a sticker with a unique number is applied to the machine.

The reliability of the machine improves, so fewer breakdowns.
Technical problems are detected in good time, which limits wear and tear.
More efficient use of plant protection products.
Comply with the quality requirements in various quality and environmental systems.
Safe for the user and environment.

All motorised tank sprayers older than 3 years must be inspected at least once. Mist and LVM equipment must be undergo statutory SKL inspections once every 6 years.

Legal requirement
The law states that all types of motorised tank sprayers must undergo SKL inspections. Motorised tank sprayers are understood to include fixed and mobile motorised tank sprayers, horizontal spray booms, and vertical spray booms, as well as spray lances and spray guns. Spray robots and spray booms attached to a monorail are also covered by this law.