We supply:

Monorail harvesting trolleys for various crops; potted plants, vegetables and floriculture.
Monorail work platforms in all shapes and sizes. These are used for maintenance work on the greenhouse and greenhouse installation, or for work on crops suspended from cultivation wires.
Various types of monorail bicycles for crop scouting from above.
Monorail cranes for moving roller containers and other types of container.
Monorail structures for carrying out work on crops. These monorail trolleys can also be supplied with drive units.
In addition, various pipe-rail trolleys for harvesting and service purposes
Work tables with wheels.
We have a wide selection of wheels available for these products, all with appropriate properties for the required purposes.
If these wheels cannot be sourced from normal traders, we will make them ourselves.

We hope the photos give you an idea of all the possibilities.
If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can give you more information about all the possibilities during a phone call or a visit.