SKL inspections

De Vette is a recognized SKL testing station and meets the requirements for test equipment and inspectors. We perform periodic inspections on crop protection equipment. In many cases the inspection can be combined with a maintenance service. Upon approval, you receive a test report and a sticker with a unique number is placed on the machine.


  • The machine remains more reliable, so you get fewer faults.
  • Technical problems are detected in time, which prevents wear and tear.
  • A more efficient use of crop protection products.
  • Meeting quality requirements from various quality and environmental systems.
  • Safety for the user and environment.

All motor vessel syringes older than 3 years must be inspected at least once. Fog and LVM equipment must also be legally SKL inspected once every 6 years.

Legally required
The periodic SKL inspection of all types of engine-gun spraying is legally required. Underneath engine grease guns are fixed and mobile engine-grease guns, together with horizontal spray booms or vertical spray masts but also with spray lances or spray guns. This includes spray robots and spray booms attached to a monorail.