Monorail systems

The monorail system is a flexible and simple way to transport products (flowers, plants) through the greenhouse.

De Vette delivers:

  • Monorail harvesting carts for various crops in pot plants, vegetable, and ornamental cultivation;
  • Monorail work platforms in all shapes and forms. This is for maintenance work on the greenhouse and greenhouse installation or work on the crop hanging on cultivation wires;
  • Monorail bikes in various designs for scouting purposes on the crop;
  • Monorail cranes for moving (roller) containers;
  • Monorail constructions for performing crop care. These monorail cars can also be produced in a powered version;

With the photos we try to give you an impression of what the possibilities can be.
During a telephone conversation or a visit we can inform you about the possibilities that De Vette has.